Kiddos in the Kitchen Podcast

The Kiddos in the Kitchen podcast is COMING this fall!

The Kiddos in the Kitchen podcast is COMING this fall!



For three years, Kiddos Cook is where I’ve shared my experiences cooking with my son as well as tips and tricks and recipes I’ve picked up along the way.

The more I’ve talked to other parents, the more I’ve learned that this food struggle is REAL. And it’s inspired me to take the message to a new medium. So, later this year, we’ll be launching the Kiddos in the Kitchen podcast. I’ll be talking to chefs and dietitians and other experts and asking them to help inspire and educate us. Let’s make cooking with kids an enjoyable part of our parenting journey.


Want to join in the fun? I’m looking to talk to all kinds of people. For example:

  • Chefs who have tips to help make cooking easier and can offer simple kid-friendly techniques and recipes

  • Nutritionists and dietitians who can help us learn more about food and the benefits of cooking — plus some tips for easy meals

  • Teachers who can help us better understand how to get through and instruct better

  • Experts in working with children on the autism spectrum or with learning challenges who can help us navigate those challenges in the kitchen

  • Moms and dads (and grandparents and nannies, too!) who cook with kids and want to share their stories (challenges, triumphs, all of it!)

  • Experts and thought leaders who have advice on how to stay calm, have patience and savor the moment

  • Others who have ideas for us to consider — bring. it. on!

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