Keeping Kids Busy on Spring Break: Cooking, Activities and More!

Spring break and upcoming long weekends (we’re looking at you, Good Friday!) can be challenging for parents. We savor that time with our kiddos, but we also have lots going on. And, no, kids, you can’t just play video games or watch TV all day.

So, here are a couple things to help you fill the time with fun and meaningful activities.

5 Tips from the Step Stool Chef for Happier Cooking with Kids

Toria Frederick — the fabulous mama of the amazing Julian, who together are behind the Step Stool Chef — offers some great advice for all of us to keep in mind.

“Part of what I’m trying to do is make cooking more approachable,” she says. Yes, please! She also has ideas to help make it less stressful for us parents.

Letting Kids Help With: Christmas Cookies

Christmas baking and kids might sound like an easy combination — I mean, c'mon, it's Christmas! And who likes cookies more than kids, right?!

But it's also sugar and flour and frosting EVERYWHERE, and you can kiss those perfectly iced sugar cookies goodbye (at least for a while). It's time to say hello to blue pine trees and red snowmen, people.

Letting Kids Help With: Banana Bread

Recently, I discovered a great banana bread mix — no eggs, no dairy. All I needed to add were the overripe bananas, oil and water. For a toddler with a short attention span, this was a great cooking project. And he was excited to help. 

Here are a few ideas for letting kiddos help with banana bread (whether you're cheating with a mix like us or baking from scratch).