Kiddos in the Kitchen Podcast


Episode 0: introducing kiddos in the kitchen

Meet Stephanie Conner, your host and guide, a fellow parent and an advocate for bringing kids into the kitchen. Here’s the story of how we decided to start this podcast and what you can expect in the first season.


Episode 1: Raising independent kids

Meet Juian Frederick, a rock-star kid chef, and his sous chef — his amazing mama, Toria. Together, they run the Stepstool Chef and have an important message about raising independent kids.


Episode 2: in pursuit of A healthier Relationship with Food

Malina Malkini hasn’t always had a healthy relationship with food. But after three daughters and an epiphany, she’s all in. The pediatric nutritionist and spokeswoman for the American Academic of Dietetics is here to help us make peace in the kitchen.