Product Love: Pencil Case for EpiPen® Holder

When my son was diagnosed with several food allergies, part of our initiation was a prescription for an EpiPen Jr. and training on how to use it — just in case.

The thought of having to bust this thing out and use it on my son terrifies me.

But what terrifies me more is needing it and not having it. In the early days, we left our set of EpiPens in the original box (a second set is at daycare). Generally, it was in the kitchen/dining area. But if we went somewhere, it might end up in the diaper bag or my purse.

When you're leaving the house with a child, there's so much to remember. Sometimes the EpiPen didn't make its way into our bag. And even though we were bringing purees for him, I felt it was important to get into the habit of bringing it. And nothing made me feel like a crappier allergy parent than not having the EpiPen with us.

A friend shared a website with me where I could order all kinds of allergy-related gear. (Yes, you need gear.) But seriously? $35 for a case for my EpiPens? Um, no thank you.

So, one day at Staples, I happened upon this pencil case for $10:

Adorable, right? Here's why I love it: It's affordable, sturdy, cute and easy to find — even if it's in the abyss that is my purse. So, while you might need a case for the EpiPen Jr., you can save some dough and go this route instead.