Cooking Together: An Update


As planned, I picked my son up from school tonight and asked if he still wanted to help cook. He did. After our previous couple of nights, I was excited to have a happy boy eager to join in the kitchen fun.

One sign that he was definitely all in? When I asked him to wash up, he happily ran to the bathroom to wash his hands.

I wanted to try a new chilaquiles recipe, so I put him to work oiling and salting the tortillas, while I started roasting peppers and chopping onions and tomatoes. In addition to preparing the tortillas for baking, he was excited to press buttons on the blender—his first time. (I guess it has been a VERY long time since I’ve used my blender.)

While the chicken and sauce were simmering, he asked, “What else can I do? Can I set the table?”

Um, yeah, you can! He asked me to get the plates down, and he did the rest. This whole having-a-buddy-in-the-kitchen thing is really working out!

The only bummer … He didn’t try dinner. Sigh.

Oh well, sometimes the journey is far more fun than the destination. And that’s OK.