Letting Kids Help With: Asparagus

Veggies are tough. In my reading, it appears you have to expose kids to a food about 9,000 times before they consider maybe possibly liking it. So, to help expedite exposure, I say let's expose them to foods in the kitchen AND the dinner table.

The first time my son tried asparagus (grilled), he LOVED it. But ever since then, he's had the following reactions:

  • Throwing it across the table
  • Throwing it across the dining room
  • Making a face at it
  • Looking at me like I'm an alien for having suggested it be a part of the meal

BUT one thing he has enjoyed is helping prepare it. He's four months shy of 2 years old, and he loves being involved in the following ways:

  • Breaking the asparagus. As kids get older, they can do this themselves. My son isn't quite there, but he holds one end, and I snap the other, and he giggles with joy!
  • Spices. He can salt, pepper and red-pepper-flake asparagus with the best of 'em.
  • Oil and vinegar. Whether I'm roasting in the oven or grilling, olive oil and (most days) balsamic vinegar are involved. My toddler helps add these ingredients to the asparagus with my (essential) guiding hand.