Letting Kids Help With: Herbs

As the weather warms, I start craving lighter foods — simple salads and side dishes, for example. And there's just nothing better to brighten up those flavors than fresh herbs. One of my favorites is basil.

The other night, I did a simple tomato salad — sliced tomatoes with basil on, then sprinkled with some kosher salt, ground black pepper, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. 

The kiddo was not impressed with this dish. BUT he did love helping. First, he loved smelling the basil (I bought a plant rather than pre-cut). And he loved ripping the leaves off the plant. I ask you: Could there be any more perfect task for a toddler?

The basil never stood a chance.

And a couple days later, we had some gardening fun and planted the basil in a small pot in the back yard — another great project to involve the kiddos in.