Letting Kids Help With: Banana Bread

Recently, I discovered a great banana bread mix — no eggs, no dairy. All I needed to add were the overripe bananas, oil and water. For a toddler with a short attention span, this was a great cooking project. And he was excited to help. 

Here are a few ideas for letting kiddos help with banana bread (whether you're cheating with a mix like us or baking from scratch).

  • Smashing the bananas. (My kiddo loved this part.)
Take that, bananas!

Take that, bananas!

  • Stirring the batter.
  • Greasing the pan.

Now, I kind of thought that by being involved in the process, my kiddo would be more likely to TRY (that's all I'm looking for here) the banana bread. 

Alas, he asked to touch it. And every morning that week, he asked for a slice in the morning with breakfast, but he just carried it around. It never touched his picky, picky, picky, adorable lips.

Oh well. More for me, I guess.