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Cooking on Vacation

Cooking on Vacation

A lot of our vacations with our son have been to visit family. Sometimes we add on adventures and stay in hotels. We’ve also rented a condo. You’d think that vacation time would be about not cooking, but somehow, when you’re on vacation, it feels different. It’s less rushed. It’s more enjoyable to sit and eat what you’ve prepared. It’s about gathering with family. It’s time together preparing the meal and time together savoring it. It feeds the body and the soul.

Why We Cook: Making Memories in the Kitchen – Super Bowl Edition

At this point, he was excited to help with the rest. He added spices to the cauliflower and helped to put them on a baking sheet. He also helped season the steaks. And he was eager to join me outside at the grill.

It was a wonderful night with him, but it was probably just a fluke, I thought. But then, his interest continued this weekend.

Of Muffins and Memories

Well, around 7 o’clock on Sunday evening, my son bounced into my bedroom as I was getting my pajamas on.

"Mommy, we haven’t made muffins yet!" he said. 

Surprised that he'd remembered, I said, "You’re right. Would you like to?"

He jumped up and down. "Yes, yes, yes!" he exclaimed. 

Food Fights: The Merits of the Dinner Battle

Last night was one of those nights. You know the kind. The kind of night that makes you question yourself as a parent. The kind that makes you think you've done everything wrong. The kind where afterward you wonder how you got here and if you need to make some sort of drastic change.

Food Allergies and Necessary Life Skills

Food Allergies and Necessary Life Skills

Mac and cheese. Pizza. Chicken tenders. String cheese. These are staples of childhood. And they are things my son can’t have. In fact, these foods could make him very sick — or worse. 

His food allergies aren’t the end of the world, but they do make life harder — for us as parents trying to find foods he’ll eat, yes, but mostly for him. We remain hopeful that he’ll grow out of them, but we’re also keenly aware he might not. And if he doesn’t? Well, he’s going to need certain skills when he gets older.

New Year's Resolutions for Cooking with Kids

New Year's Resolutions for Cooking with Kids

Well, here's something kind of cool — when you cook with your kids, you can tackle parenting and health together. I've been thinking about some things I want to accomplish in the kitchen with my son this year, and I thought I'd share some ideas on New Year's resolutions as they relate to cooking.

The Upsides to Hosting Thanksgiving

I feel like I need to come clean: I've never really loved Thanksgiving foods. I like cooking, and I love to eat. But turkey? Blah. Cranberry sauce? Nope. Potatoes? I can live without 'em. Gravy? Please, go away.

So, yeah, I'm probably not your obvious choice for Thanksgiving dinner host.