Of Muffins and Memories

Well, around 7 o’clock on Sunday evening, my son bounced into my bedroom as I was getting my pajamas on.

"Mommy, we haven’t made muffins yet!" he said. 

Surprised that he'd remembered, I said, "You’re right. Would you like to?"

He jumped up and down. "Yes, yes, yes!" he exclaimed. 

Winner: Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

We don't do eggs, dairy, soy, nuts or peanuts. This makes things like cakes and cookies and pie a bit challenging. And while I'm certainly hesitant to give my kiddo a lot of sugar (or gluten), I also think an occasional treat is totally OK.

But, folks, vegan baking is hard. Which is why I am so in love with this Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe by Ovenly

The downside — especially if you're cooking with a kiddo — is that you need to make the dough a day in advance of baking. (Who can wait for cookies, right?!?!) But you can make a batch of dough in advance and let them help prep a second batch. Because you'll want more than one batch of these bad boys. (My husband doesn't need to eat our same allergy-friendly diet, yet devoured these cookies.)

When you bake with kids, you can offer to let them help measure (and count!). And who doesn't like to flip the switch on a mixer?