Yes, It's Time to Think About Next Thanksgiving

Congratulations! You have hosted a glorious and delicious Thanksgiving meal. (Or, hey, maybe you just barely survived — that deserves props too.) And hopefully, the dishes are almost done. If you are like us, it takes a few days to get caught up on all the dishes and cleaning  and leftovers.

But you're not quite "done" with Thanksgiving.

If you hosted or cooked anything at all for Thanksgiving, there is one additional task that I'd like to recommend from one home cook to another.

The Upsides to Hosting Thanksgiving

I feel like I need to come clean: I've never really loved Thanksgiving foods. I like cooking, and I love to eat. But turkey? Blah. Cranberry sauce? Nope. Potatoes? I can live without 'em. Gravy? Please, go away.

So, yeah, I'm probably not your obvious choice for Thanksgiving dinner host.